Dance - Great Exercise and Fun!

"Dancing provides physical, psychological, and social benefits galore, so put on your dancing shoes and follow along."

I was so excited to see this article, “The Many Health Benefits of Dancing” in a Berkeley Wellness newsletter. Not surprisingly, as a Health Coach, I'm a huge advocate for exercise.  For many people though, exercise might as well be a 4-letter word.  So I tell my clients to find an activity that they love.  When it’s fun, you want to do it, and exercise can’t get much better than that!

For me, dancing is one of those activities (check out some photos in this post).  There are so many different styles that most people find at least one that appeals to them, whether it’s a ballroom waltz, swing, salsa, country line dances or just gettin’ funky in front of a mirror.   It's a great workout for the body, and also great exercise for the mind and a fantastic social activity.  It ticks a lot of boxes for health and wellness!

According to the article, studies have found that dancing can improve balance, reaction time, improve cognitive skills and improve your mood – “It has been shown to reduce depression, anxiety, and stress and boost self-esteem, body image, coping ability, and overall sense of well-being, with the benefits lasting over time.”

“Though other forms of exercise can have many of the same benefits, dancing is more appealing to some people, so they are more likely to stick with it.”

So break out those dancing shoes and I’ll see you on the dance floor!

For the full article in Berkeley Wellness, click here

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