Healing Through Exercise!

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Exercise as Medicine

I'm a big believer that Food is Medicine, and there's great research that supports that Exercise is Medicine too. In this post from Rodale, the benefits of exercise are made clear. "It helps you live longer, lose weight, and gain a stronger heart. It can help you cope with stress and depression and boost your self-esteem. Exercise: It's the best medicine available, yet few doctors are going to write you a prescription for a daily 30-minute jog."

"Millions of people in our society suffer from a ridiculous number of health problems—some major, some minor that could become major—because they lack basic fitness," writes Jordan Metzl, MD, in his new book The Exercise Cure.

Conditions such as asthma, memory and cognitive disorders, ADHD, inflammatory diseases such as osteoarthritis, sleep problems and many more can be treated by regular activity - aka "exercise".

However, if you think of "exercise" as drudgery, sweaty and gross then you don't want the medicine!  For many the key to get motivated to "exercise" is to not think of it as "exercise" - find an activity you enjoy and make it yours.  More on that later.....

To read the complete article, click here: http://www.rodalenews.com/exercise-medicine?cid=NL_RNDF_1956062_12292014_9_health_problems_you_can_cure_with_exercise_text