What started out as a little 10 minute stroll in the yard before the heat got too oppressive (dealing with a wave of hot, sticky air in my part of the world – yuck) turned into quite an ordeal. My husband and I saw what appeared to be a vine wrapped around a tree in our backyard. So we took a little tug and then pulled, pulled and pulled some more. This massive vine kept coming and as we got a closer look, we discovered an incredible labyrinth that was quite frankly, choking the @#$% out of most of our trees. 

I just had to have at it, and pull those suckers out. While sweat was dripping from - well, everywhere, I’ll tell you one thing, it felt GREAT when we finally called it a morning! I felt such amazing energy looking at my newly-freed trees, as if they had new life. Despite some damage, with stripped leaves and some small branches and twigs broken, the trees look so much freer, happier and healthier. 

I consulted a really smart nature guy who knows a lot about this stuff and he told me these hostile, invasive vines were quite mature and had been silently menacing the trees for years. It wasn’t until they started overwhelming that they were even noticed. After a cool shower, I sat down with a big glass of water and it struck me what a metaphor this was. 

How many of us have “choking vines,” baggage from our past that has been silently, but surely, squeezing the life out of us? Limiting us. Causing pain. Making us ill. Preventing us from achieving our goals and living fully, freely. I’ll be the first to admit it – I do. We all do.

It’s taken hard work, but we’ve found the roots to these vines and will be extracting them if we can. And if not, we’ll whack them as close to the ground as we can, and keep an eye on them and if (more likely, when) they start to grow back, we’ll whack them again so they don’t spread and begin another round of suffocating. You see, it’s not really important that we eliminate the root – we just need to be aware, and when it starts creeping – nip it - NOW.

I suggest we all take a moment to consider what “choking vines” we have in our lives and cut them off too. Let’s open ourselves to a healthy, full, free life.

What’s choking you? I always welcome your thoughts and comments.  

Wishing you freedom,