Happy Birthday to Me!

It’s my Birthday!  And I want to celebrate by launching a new group for all of us to share.

Health and Wellness are my passion. That’s why I decided to become a Health Coach, to do what I love - help others make better choices to feel, look and be their best.

I know that big part of that journey is choosing nourishing, delicious REAL food, and something I keep hearing from you is that you want a community of like-minded people to share with. So I’ve created a Facebook group called KTC’s Let’s Eat REAL.

Please help me celebrate my birthday by clicking here: KTC's Let's Eat REAL and then click “Join” - It’s that easy! 

Once you’re there, introduce yourself if you like, and start sharing your favorite healthy eating tips and recipes. This community is for REAL people – they are busy, have families, jobs and other commitments. So let's help each other with delicious ideas for eating well, that are simple, fast and fabulous.

Here are some general recipe guidelines and suggestions:

  • Mostly fresh - while fresh and organic are always preferred, they aren’t always possible or practical.
  • Minimally processed – if an ingredient comes from a can or package, it should have no more than just a few items.
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.

Please include:

  • Recipes that are gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan or that fit other special needs - they will be loved!
  • Recipes that are flexible and can be easily modified for differing tastes or food sensitivities.
  • Recipes that can be frozen – soups, stews, chilis etc.  We all have busy times and it’s so nice to know there’s a meal already prepared.

I’d love for you to visit and post often. I’ll be in the group with Tips, Recipes and even occasional Q&A. I can’t wait to see you there!

If you have any questions – just send them my way! I’ve kicked the group off with links to a few of my favorite healthy recipes, and there’s more to come!

Happy Birthday to Me!  Join now: KTC's Let's Eat REAL
Wishing you Healthy Eating!