Banana Peels - Who Knew They Could Be So Much Fun!

I love this infographic from with some great uses for banana peels. Ok, maybe it doesn't sound all that exciting, but there are some really interesting things here.

Really - Take a look!  You may not have a need for some of these things (e.g. I don't keep livestock), but I do have houseplants to feed and can't wait to try polishing my nasty-looking scuffed up leather mules.  And I love the idea of attracting butterflies and bees.  

And - I have one to add to the list. - wart removal!  Several years ago I started to feel pain at the bottom of my foot when I was dancing and discovered a plantar's wart.  I hadn't had a wart since I was a pre-teen. For the next several months I tried every OTC product and even an Exacto knife, but it kept coming back.  Then I saw an article about using banana peels and figured "what the heck, it can't hurt!"  So I taped banana peel over the wart at night and put on a pair of socks.  Within 2 weeks, it was gone and hasn't returned.  I know warts are viral and some Drs. say they'll just run their course over time, so maybe it was just time, but if I ever get another wart - I guarantee bananas will be on my grocery list!