Is Soda Really That Bad?

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Would you eat 16 teaspoons of sugar?  Probably not - but you are with every 20 oz regular soda.....

And the diet stuff is just as bad - if not worse.



Several clients have asked me, "is drinking soda really all that bad?"  Studies continue to surface about the impacts - of both sugar-sweetened and diet sodas (if you missed my blog on artificial sweeteners, read it here).  I've explored the topic quite a bit lately, and the evidence to date is rather straightforward. Sadly for you soda lovers, the answer is a resounding "YES - It really is bad."  I'm pretty rational, and not prone to much extreme opinions about foods, but the studies about this are compelling.  This infographic from Rodale provides a good summary of the many negative impacts soda may have.  While I'm not saying you'll end up with each of these ailments if you drink soda, it does provide a strong visual of why perhaps, at a minimum, you should think twice before popping the top on that pop.