Just Being Honest - I LOVE CHOCOLATE!


Chocolate is finally earning a righteous place as its own food group! Well, I at least I think so...

I think chocolate should legitimately be its own food group.  I adore it - and just like my love interests (you lucky husband!), I'm a snob about my choices.  I have to admit my love affair has had it's ups and downs. Over the years I struggled with guilt about it.  Is he good for me or bad for me?  Is he good for my heart or will he break it?  Does he feel as euphoric after being with me as I do after being with him?

Well, as a strong confident woman, I was not about to quit!  I stuck it out and continued to learn about the benefits of our relationship.  And the good news keeps coming!  

In this article by John Robbins in Food Revolution "Chocolates Startling Health Benefits," many of the benefits of chocolate are listed, and for you skeptics out there, the science behind the benefits is listed as well.  I'll share some highlights here:

"The food police may find this hard to take, but chocolate has gotten a bad rap. People say it causes acne, that you should eat carob instead, that it’s junk food. But these accusations are not only undeserved and inaccurate, they falsely incriminate a delicious food that turns out to have profoundly important healing powers.

There is in fact a growing body of credible scientific evidence that chocolate contains a host of heart-healthy and mood-enhancing phytochemicals, with benefits to both body and mind."

BODY:  Chocolate is a rich source of antioxidants, substances that reduce the ongoing cellular and arterial damage caused by oxidative reactions. Chocolate is particularly rich in a type of antioxidants called polyphenols:  These do great things for the body:

  • help to prevent heart disease by inhibiting oxidation of LDL cholesterol
  • inhibit the clumping of blood platelets, reducing the risks of atherosclerosis
  • reduce blood pressure in people with mild hypertension
  • thin the blood and perform the same anti-clotting activity as aspirin

MIND: Chocolate has long been renown for its remarkable effects on human containing substances such as theobromine, phenethylamine, anandamide and seratonin that are known for:

  • mood enhancement  
  • the release of pleasurable endorphins, and a reaction associated with sexual arousal and pleasure. 
  • producing feelings of elation and exhilaration.

To get these benefits though, stick to dark chocolate - at least 70% cocoa (drop me a note if you'd some info on my favorites - we can compare notes on style and taste!).  Milk chocolate has more added sugar, and often unpronounceable additives that put it in another category altogether.

Trust me - I'm an expert on this subject, and knew a long time ago that in its pure state, chocolate could not possibly be anything but good for us, just like love.... Happy Valentines Day!  Gotta go - I have a dark gorgeous hunk waiting for me........

To read the whole article: click here