JOMO – The Other Side

The first time I saw the acronym JOMO, my brow furrowed as I audibly said “huh?”. I’d heard of FOMO (the Fear Of Missing Out), in fact I’d spent years in that space.

I thought JOMO had to be a play on that phrase and was so intrigued, I had to read on. And so I did…

JOMO - the Joy of Missing Out

Quite the opposite of FOMO and I loved it!

FOMO surfaced as a result of comparing everyone else’s seemingly glorious lives to our sadly ordinary ones, often on social media where, let’s be real -  truth hides in the shadows. And it goes beyond the digital world.

Before it even had a name, my FOMO days were filled with thoughts of how I should be and what I should be doing.

I kept my schedule packed – I couldn’t miss out on anything!  I left no time to just BE.

All that anxiety was pretty much rooted in a fear of what others thought about me.

It was only in the past few years that I started to wave buh bye to FOMO. I felt I could finally say “No” and trust myself.

I remember the first time I blocked my schedule, carefully typing “My Time” with a smile on my face, as I felt a weight lift and my shoulders relax.

And now I’ve discovered that feeling has a name: JOMO – the Joy of Missing Out. (I love the sound of it!)

For me, it’s really a joy of discovery, of peace, of time.

Sure, sometimes an invite crops up and I happily change my schedule to “Dinner with …”, but other times, I say “Thanks, but I already have plans” and it isn’t a lie.

I do have plans – to do whatever I want and practice some well-deserved self-care.

I saw this on Facebook a few months ago (sorry, not sure where it originated) and love it. It’s so me and my JOMO!


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Wishing you much JOMO!



P.S. Does FOMO permeate your soul? Does the mere thought of JOMO cause anxiety – no way I can do that! As a survivor – I can help.