An Emotional Holiday Season

"It’s been an emotional holiday season for me. This is the first holiday season without either of my parents.  😕 This was such a good reminder today, as I added to the list how grateful I am to have had them as long as I did.  🤗"

Yandy Smith -  original post - Facebook September 17, 2016 

Yandy Smith -  original post - Facebook September 17, 2016 

This was an impulsive Facebook post I recently made. The image I’d seen over a year ago, a re-posting from someone named Yandy Smith (who I don't know, but just happened to see the post and it really resonated with me.)

When it recently popped up as Facebook memory, it struck an even greater emotional chord. Tears and tissues were the order of the day, as I'd hear my parent’s favorite Christmas songs or pull out a holiday decoration.

My emotional parade started just before Thanksgiving as my siblings and I were making our holiday plans. This year there was no need to worry about how a frail, unsteady body would navigate the stairs into my sister’s house, and no discussion about whether we’d need to adjust our favorite foods to accommodate feeble appetites and dentures.

I faced the reality both my parents were gone.

After the Facebook posting, I received such a tremendous outpouring of support - from casual acquaintances to close friends, some responding via Facebook and others reaching out privately.

Some offered the solace of their experience, sharing that my grief will ease with each passing year. Others shared their own grief, as they too were experiencing their first year without someone beloved.

It’s very unlike me to make such a personal post. I’ve always felt my place was to offer inspiration, not share my sadness, and this was on the edge for me.

I’m so glad I did make the post. It was good for me to remember I’m not alone, and by sharing and taking comfort in others caring, the grief softens.  

During this special time of the year, I wish you a truly joyous season.

Time to cherish those you love

True connection and authentic conversation

Moments for personal reflection


Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!



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Happy Holiday Wishes

Days filled with gatherings and parties with friends and family, shopping, wrapping, baking – there’s no doubt the holidays are here!  With all the checking and re-checking of shopping lists, running from place to place, second-guessing gift choices, figuring out menus etc. etc. etc., it's so easy to get lost in the hustle.

And if you're at all like me, your mind tends to race on to the next thing on the list, and you completely forget about enjoying what you're doing at that very moment. When I stop to think about it (and oh-no, stopping to think wasn't even on my list!), it's clear that I'm missing out on a lot of joy that's actually in my life, but that I haven't made the choice to experience.

So today I'm making a commitment to myself to pause and do my very best to stay in the moment and truly enjoy the moment - each gathering, each task, even shopping.  

There's so much we can experience in the wisp of a second. There are sounds to be heard - bells, carolers and children laughing, scents of pine and spices, lights and reflections to be seen and of course, the taste of our favorite seasonal foods.

I'm going to tap into my senses to experience each moment as it occurs, and make time, however brief, even if only for a deep breath and sigh of gratitude.

During this special time of the year, I wish you a truly joyous season.

Time to cherish those you love
Real connection and authentic conversation
Moments for personal reflection

For me, food is a great connector to those I treasure.  Here are links to a few of my favorite holiday treats for you to enjoy and share with those you treasure:

Spiced Pecans

Almond Cookies

Oranges with Honey and Cinnamon


Wishing You a Wonderful Holiday,

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6 Lucky Foods to Eat on New Years Day

Well You Made it to 2015! Want to start the year off right? In this post from Rodale, they offer up six foods traditionally served on New Years Day to start the year off right - with good luck as they say.

"Thanksgiving and Christmas grab all the glory when it comes to holidays devoted to food. But across the world, food plays a big role on New Year's Day when the phrase "you are what you eat" becomes a total truism, when people eat traditional dishes designed to bring good luck, fortune, abundance, and prosperity. So rather than spend New Year's loafing on the couch watching parades or sadly taking down all your holiday trimmings, head to the kitchen and mix up one of these traditional dishes. And be sure to use plenty of organic ingredients to ensure that your lucky new year starts off on a pesticide-free foot."

They suggest Pork and Sauerkraut, Black-Eyed Peas and Collard Greens, Grapes, Beans and Lentils, Pomegranates and Herring as the foods of choice.  I don't know about you, but several of those appeal to me - I have a pomegranate in the fridge calling my name right now!

I'm sure you have traditions of your own - or maybe it's time to start one! What food do you choose to start 2015 with?

For the full article read here: Year's Lucky Foods