As health benefit costs continue to rise, employers continue to seek solutions to reduce these costs by adopting managed care strategies, shifting costs to employees and reducing benefits. However, you’ve seen that these actions have not been very effective in controlling costs, and they’ve affected employee recruitment and retention.

Did you know there’s an alternative strategy to contain costs?

It’s called Wellness and Prevention. Numerous studies show that 70 - 80% of healthcare costs are due to chronic diseases caused by lifestyle choices. The good news is that by changing our lifestyle choices - even modestly - costs are reduced and quality of life, both inside and outside the workplace, is improved.

KTC Wellness Coaching provides workplace solutions that educate your team to make sustainable, practical lifestyle choices that improve health and also lead to happier and more fulfilled lives. Who doesn’t want that?!

The results are clear - reduced healthcare costs, increased productivity, greater retention and overall greater happiness



Workshops – See sample session descriptions below

Sessions are interactive, including presentation, partner or small group discussion and Q&A and are available as:

·         Single Sessions – choose from sample topics

·         Lifestyle Series – 3 Sessions, one each on Eating, Moving and Thinking

·         Complete Lifestyle Series – 6 Sessions, including: Heathy Lifestyle Introduction, two sessions on Eating, one on Moving, one on Thinking and a Closing session to tie all the pieces together


Group Coaching – 3 Month Program (6 sessions, meeting twice a month).

More in-depth than workshops, offering guidance on specific participant needs. Ideal group size is 6 – 12 participants.


Private 1:1 Coaching – 3 Month, 6 Month or Ongoing. Offered on-site or by phone.

Private coaching with your employees to discuss their specific health goals, develop a deeper understanding of the food and lifestyle choices that work best for them and implement lasting changes.

Plans can be flexed to meet your needs and budget – from ½ day/month to a full day/week


Custom programs are also available, including executive lifestyle coaching and corporate wellness challenges, which can be designed for organizations of all sizes and to fit all budgets.  Clients have included Fifth Third Bank and 3DVision Technologies. Please contact me for more information.


WORKSHOPS – Sample Topics and Descriptions

Sessions are 45-60 minutes in length, ideal for lunchtime learning. Additional topics available.

Weigh Less, Live More – No Diets, No Drama. Discover a safe way to drop pounds and feel fully satisfied. We explore weight loss problems, learn why diets don’t work and discuss options for a sustainable, long term solution.

Eating for Energy – Live Life Ready to Take It On! Do you find yourself in an energy slump during the day? Learn what foods are best to increase your energy and which to avoid. You may be surprised. 

Sugar Blues – Parting Doesn’t Have to Be Sweet Sorrow. Change your relationship with sugar by understanding the causes of your sugar cravings. We’ll discuss why they are so powerful and share practical tools to deal with them.

Unjunk Yourself – What to Look for on Package Labels. Learn what to look for beyond those healthy sounding claims on the front of the package – which items to put back on the shelf and which to put into your cart.  

Send Pain Packing – Pain is caused by inflammation, and foods can be the culprit. Learn how changing what you eat can be transformational.

Eating Healthy on the Go – Tips for Busy Families and Travelers. Learn how to make better food choices while running the kids between activities or while on the road.

Exercise Made Easy – “Exercise” Does Not Have to Be Painful. Learn how to get movement into your day, no sweat required.

Stress Busters Tips for Living Life with Ease. Techniques to reduce and manage the day-to-day stress that keeps you on edge.  

Get Your ZZZs Sleep is Essential for Good Health. Chronic lack of sleep is often ignored yet is the cause of many serious health problems. Let’s explore those culprits keeping you awake and learn how to put them to rest so you can too.

Yes – You Can Create Healthy Habits! – Effective Tools for Change. Have the best of intentions, but in a month, week or even a day, you’re back to the same ol’ same ol’. Change can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be – let’s learn how!

Happiness Can Be Yours – Tools for Bringing Joy into Each Day. Is something missing in your life? You just can’t seem to be happy? Let’s talk about the causes and look at simple solutions.

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